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The diamond associated to this marvellous jewel, the founder of Eden LESACRE is a charming lady, ex-widow of Bleyers, mother of two children, now married to Mr Sesame.

Strengthened by her professional success in the Champenoise area and famous for her friendly and conviviality, she became a reference for everybody around her.

At the dawn of her retirement, from her sumptuous home considered as a peaceful area, Our Lady LESACRE called " Marie-France " produces the Champagne "EDEN LESACRE". The champagne, more than being a paradise in the mouth , will allow your guests to appreciate the kings' sacred taste of "the delicate pearls of champagne".

For many she is a great lady but she consider herself as a simple value woman.

Our Lady LESACRE will assure you that her "Champagne has heart ".

The values:

  • Champagne remains a luxury, but there is happiness in sharing it.
  • Appreciate Champagne with greater pleasure by making happiness around you.


A humanitarian luxury without limits

("If Champagne attracts the world then it can contribute to make the world better).


To bring happiness to families around the world through selling our CHAMPAGNE

We are supporting many associations like " EAU DU TORRENT " an orphanage in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Quotes :

" Champagne with heart sharing its happiness "

"Here happiness has no limits."

"happiness cannot be enjoyed alone"

To contact us

Do you have any questions about our exceptional champagne cellar based in Reims? Contact us at 00337. or via the online contact form. Otherwise, please find us on our social networks: Instagram and Facebook.

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